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6 Simple Ways To Increase Internet Speed ​​In Mobile Phone

Nowadays we get internet connection in every mobile phone. But high speed mobile internet connection is still a big problem for the people. Well there are many reasons for this that despite having 4G internet in our mobile, the internet runs slow. If you want to know how to increase internet speed in mobile phone then read this post completely.

How to increase internet speed in mobile phone

How to increase internet speed in mobile phone

There are some easy ways to increase the net speed on mobile, which we have given below in detail-

1. Close Background Apps

There are some apps in your mobile that keep running in the background of your mobile. These apps use the Internet, due to which the speed of the Internet also decreases. Due to running in the background, you do not know which apps are using the internet at that time.

2. Turn off or restart your mobile phone

The first and easiest way to increase the internet speed of your device is to switch off your mobile or computer and restart it or you can also restart your device, by doing this your mobile will be able to search for internet connection again. . If given a chance, it increases the internet speed of your device.

3. Delete or close unused apps

Many people also download such apps in their mobile which are either of no use to them. If there are similar apps in your mobile, which are Unused Apps, then you should go to the settings of the mobile and close such apps, which will give you good internet speed and your data will also be spent less.

4. Update Your Mobile Browser and Other Apps

If you get a new update for all the useful apps you use on your mobile, then don’t ignore it. Please update it soon. Because by updating you will get new security features as well as features that will make web pages load faster and you will get to see an improvement in mobile internet speed.

5. Free up RAM and Internal Memory

When more part of a mobile’s RAM and internal memory is used, then it works as slow as the mobile. Now if your mobile will run slowly then the internet will also be able to run slowly in your mobile. So try to keep both RAM and internal memory of your mobile free. So that both your mobile and internet can work well.

6. Use Fast Browser in your mobile

Some web pages are very large in size and hence take longer to load. In such a situation, you can use browsers that compress the loading web page, due to which your internet data is saved, as well as the speed is also good due to the web page loading quickly. Use a browser like Google Chrome and Firefox to load the page faster.

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