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Agiary Fire Temple | Meaning and Importance

Agiary is the name of the fire temple of the Parsi religious. There are three grades of Agyari namely ‘Aatsh-e-Dadgah’, ‘Aatsh-e-Adharan’ and ‘Aatsh-e-Behram’. A dastur (priest) or a householder may approach the fire in the ‘Aatsh-e-Dadgah’ for worship. But no one has the right to go near the fire in ‘Aatash-e-Adharan’ and ‘Aatash-e-Behram’ except the commissioned officers. Other religions cannot take darshan of fire in Agyari.

Agiary Fire Temple

Background of Agiary Fire Temple

As of 2021, there were 167 Agiary fire temples in the world, of which 45 were in Mumbai, 105 in the rest of India and 17 in other countries. Of these, only 9 (1 in Iran and 8 in India) are the main temples known as Atash Behram and the remaining small temples are known as Agyari.

The fire of goldsmiths, blacksmiths, potters, etc. is combined and after religious rituals are performed on it, the Siddhagni of Atash-e-Adarron and Atash-e-Behram is established in a valuable metal vessel like a cup. Especially in Atash-e-Behram, Siddhagni includes electric fire. Atash-e-Behram is the best fire temple. If the fire in this temple goes out, it is considered as an ominous sign.

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