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Alakhiya Sect | Founder, Form and History

The Alakhiya sect (Hindi: अलखिया संप्रदाय), is a Shaivite sect found in India. ‘Alakhiya’ is a broad term applied to all those who believe that the form of God is unapproachable and imperceptible. But the term ‘Alakhnami’ is applied to the section called ‘Puri’ of the Dasnami Gosavas, while the term ‘Alkhagir’ is applied to the section ‘Giri’.

Alakhiya Sect

Founder of the Alakhiya sect

The founder of the Alkhia sect was a Chambar named ‘Lal’ from Bikaner and later his followers conferred the title ‘Lalgir’ on him. The nature of the Lord is unapproachable and imperceptible, this is the main tenet of the cult and worship of Alkha means Alakshya Lord only in the remembrance of his name.

History and Background of the Alkhiya Sect

There is no official information about when the principles underlying the Alkhia Panth were established and what is the definite period of Lalgir. Idol worship is not acceptable to him as he believes that it is against the Saguna worship of Bhaktimarga. They are against alcohol-meat-consumption. They advocate charity and asceticism. Reincarnation is also not acceptable to them.

They believe that everything ends after death, and sins and virtues and pleasures are to be experienced only in this life. That is why he advocates pure character, equanimous meditation and peaceful living.

The costume of the Panthians consists of a long robe, a tall tapered cap on the head and a long bowl in hand for alms. They beg for alms and earn their livelihood by exclaiming ‘Alakh kaho’ or ‘Alakh ko jago’. If they don’t get alms, they go to the next house for alms.

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