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Allama Prabhu | History, Vachana, Books and Literature

Allama Prabhu, was a great saint and philosopher of the Veerashaiva sect of the 12th century. He is also called ‘Prabhudev’. He was a contemporary of Basava and older than him. He is believed to have been born in Balligavi in ​​Shimoga District (Mysore State). However, there is no official information about his life. A poet named Chamaras (1430) described the biography of Allam Prabhu in his Kannada poem Prabhulingalile.

Allama Prabhu

History of Allama Prabhu

Allama Prabhu’s biographical information is also available in the poetry books written by Hariharakrit ‘Prabhudeva Ragale’, Harishwarkrit ‘Prabhudeva Purana’ etc. before Chamaras. His biographical information is also found in ‘Virupakshakrit Chennabasava Purana’ (1585). However, the information in all the above mentioned books is sectarian and Puranic. This much is true, that Allam Prabhu has a very important and respected place in Veerashaiva sect. From his words it appears that he was a very selfless, wise, intellectual, articulate and enlightened man.

Allama Prabhu propagated and propagated Veerashaiva sect. After attaining siddhavastha, Allam Prabhu went to Basavakalyana. There the Basavas recognized his spiritual authority and installed him with honor as the president of Shivanubhavamantapa (a religious organization of Veerashaivas). A few days later, Allamprabhu went to Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh and passed away. He took samadhi before basava.

Books and literature of Allama Prabhu

Allam Prabhu’s words are collected in the famous book ‘Shumya Sampadane’. Many commentaries are available on it. Apart from this, other books in his name include ‘Shatsthala Gnanacharitya, Srishtyayavachana, Mantramahatmya, Bedginvachana, Kaljnanavachana and Mantragaupya’. The verses in ‘Bedginvachan’ are famous and mystical. His spiritual thoughts have come into it.

Allama Prabhu Vachana

Allama Prabhu has also harshly criticized the undesirable customs, superstitions, caste discrimination, ignorance, arrogance etc. in the then society through his words. He has also advocated broad human principles without stressing on sectarian preaching. They plan the name ‘Guheshwar’ from their words.

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