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Ardhanarishwar | The Half-Female Lord

Ardhanarishwar (Sanskrit: “Lord who is half woman”), is a form of Lord Shiva. As the right half of Lord Shiva’s body is male and the left half is female, he is also called ‘Ardhanaari’ and ‘Nateshwar’ as he is the creator of Gandharvaveda and a lover of dancing.


History of Ardhanarishwar

When Lord Brahma prayed to Lord Shiva for the creation of creation, Shiva appeared in the form of Ardhanarishwar. Later he became divided into male and female parts, after which the male form became eleven and the female form became many.

‘Ardhanarishwar’ is also a Tantric deity. The combination of Shiva-Shakti, Male-Female, Linga-Yoni is the symbol of creation, and hence ‘Ardhanarishwara’ has such a symbolic meaning. Even in Vedas, Soma and Agni are considered as the parents of the universe.

Ardhanaree, Ardhanarish, Ardhanarinteshwar etc. are alternate names of Ardhanarishwar. Very beautiful sculptures of Ardhanarinteshwara are found in India from around the first century AD. His sculptures at Verul and Gharapuri are famous.

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