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Benefits and Side effects of Turquoise stone

Benefits and side effects of Turquoise stone or Firoza stone: Many gems have been told in the scriptures. These gems are very beneficial. According to the scriptures, if the gems are worn properly then luck can shine. 9 gems and 84 gems have been mentioned in Ratna Shastra. One of them is Firoza Gem. According to Ratna Shastra, wearing turquoise stone is said to be very good. Turquoise stone is considered to bring success in life. This gem is considered very special in astrology. This blue colored stone represents ‘Guru’ (Jupiter).

Benefits and side effects of Turquoise stone

Benefits of Turquoise stone

1. By wearing turquoise stone, people get immense fame and immense wealth. It also proves beneficial for love relationships and also removes the difficulties of married life. This gem enhances self-confidence. Also it improves health and makes your nature attractive.

2. This stone of dark sky color is related to the planet Jupiter. It is said that wearing Firoza Stone strengthens the position of the planet Jupiter in the horoscope. Apart from this, Turquoise stone is also helpful in reducing the ill effects of Rahu Ketu.

3. According to the scriptures, the knowledge and confidence of a person increases by wearing this stone. Also, people who are facing failure in business and job for a long time are also advised to wear turquoise gemstone.

4. According to gemology, turquoise stone should be worn made of gold or copper metal. At the same time, before wearing this gem, it should be purified by putting it in a mixture of milk and Gangajal. Also, it is believed that Thursdays and Fridays are considered best to wear this gemstone.

5. If Jupiter is not in your favor in your horoscope then there will be estrangement in married life and trouble in love marriage. In such a situation, Turquoise stone must be worn to maintain sweetness in personal relationships.

6. Wearing turquoise gemstone strengthens the muscles of the person and keeps his health better. Also, this gem increases wealth, fame and knowledge. It is said that the person wearing the turquoise stone gets the first impression of the impending danger. When a person is about to face trouble, the Firoza Stone is shattered.

Side effects of Turquoise stone

1. Those whose Jupiter planet is weak, they will benefit from wearing this gem. But this stone should be worn by alcoholics or gamblers in the bath as it can have a negative effect on them.

2. All those who feel mentally weak or have ego or pride can wear Turquoise stone. But mentally handicapped people should not wear it.

3. If you are looking for peace of mind then this gem is a must wear. With the help of this stone, the person gets physical and mental peace. You can wear this gem even if you lack confidence or confidence. But you need to always look at this gem with respect, so that it does not cast a negative view on you.

4. People who are active in the field of art such as actors, artists, filmmakers and people of architecture by profession can also wear this gem. Turquoise gemstone is especially suitable for Sagittarius sign people. But Pisces sign people should wear it only on Monday, this will save them from negative effects.

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