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Benefits and Side Effects of wearing Blue Sapphire Stone

Benefits and Side Effects of wearing Blue Sapphire Stone: Blue Sapphire Stone or Neelam Long ago, the Greeks dedicated this stone as a gift to their revered deities. This gem is the best among all the gems. In this article, we will know what are the Benefits and Side Effects of Blue Sapphire Stone. Even people wear many gems to overcome the problems in their life. We have got these gems as a boon from God. Since many years ago, human’s attachment towards gems is becoming more.

Benefits and Side Effects of wearing Blue Sapphire Stone

According to astrology, among all the planets, the planet Saturn is considered to be a very influential planet. When Saturn is placed in an inauspicious house in the horoscope, then people start facing problems. Due to the influence of this planet, there is a possibility of great trouble in the life of the person. Many measures are taken to avoid the malefic effects of the planet Saturn. One of these remedies is to wear Neelam Stone, the gem of the planet Saturn.

Sapphire gemstone is considered to be the gem of the planet Saturn. Wearing Neelam gemstone brings immense happiness and prosperity in the life of the person. All his troubles gradually end and he starts climbing the ladder of success day by day. People who have inauspicious Shani (Saturn) in their horoscope, they are advised to wear Saturn stone Sapphire.

Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire Stone

1. Talking about the biggest benefits of Blue Sapphire Stone, by wearing this gemstone, a person gets the power to defeat the enemies, he lives life without any worries. One gets rid of debt and gets rid of sorrows. If a person wears this gem properly, then he also gets the good fortune of being free from diseases.

2. Such people who are facing obstacles in their marriage, they must wear this stone because the obstructions caused by the effect of this gem will be reduced, due to which your marriage will be completed soon. Reduces the stress situation in married life, also saves from loss of money.

3. If the Mahadasha of Saturn is opposite in the birth chart, then Sapphire is very auspicious for him. The effect of weak Saturn increases manifold as soon as you wear Sapphire.

4. If Sapphire is favorable and auspicious, then you start getting auspicious results as soon as you wear it. First of all, if there is any health related problem, then relief starts from it.

5. After wearing Neelam Stone, if you do not have anything inauspicious, then it should be understood that this stone is auspicious for you.

6. If Blue Sapphire Stone is auspicious, the person not only gets financial benefits, but also signs of progress in job and business are visible.

7. The effect of Neelam gemstone is visible very fast. If these gems are not favorable to you then your eyes will start to suffer.

8. Wearing Sapphire gemstone increases the concentration of the mind, due to which the efficiency starts increasing.

Side Effects of wearing Blue Sapphire Stone

1. Talking about the biggest side effects of Blue Sapphire Stone, if a person wears Sapphire gemstone, accidents and physical problems start increasing with him, then understand that this gemstone is not auspicious for you.

2. Wearing ruby ​​or coral, sapphire becomes a victim of accident with foot problem in the body. It is also not worn in gold because gold is the metal of the sun, so sapphire should always be worn in Panchdhatu or Ashtadhatu or bronze metal.

3. In the fourth house of your horoscope, Saturn is sitting in a debilitated or enemy sign and if you wear this gem, then understand that you may have to face problems like family discord, misery, vehicle accident.

4. If Saturn is aspected by Mars and you wear Blue Sapphire Stone, the gemstone of Saturn, then you may have to face problems related to breathing, throat, arms.

5. If the person sees mental stress, physical discomfort or lack in nature, then understand that Saturn is debilitated in the first house of your zodiac i.e. in the Ascendant. If you wear Sapphire in this position, then this situation can be even more harmful for you.

6. If you are wearing this stone and Saturn is performing Yagya along with Rahu in your horoscope then you may have problems related to stomach, chest, genitals. If Saturn is related to Ketu in any house and you wear Sapphire, then you may have problems with kidney, stones etc.

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