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Benefits and Side Effects of wearing Panna Stone

In this article, we will know the benefits and side effects of wearing Panna stone or Emerald gemstone. Panna stone is one such gem found in nature whose price is priceless. Its color is also found in light and dark green. Emerald is the gemstone of the planet Mercury. This gemstone is dark to light green in colour.

Benefits and side effects of wearing Panna stone

Panna stone is mainly found in 5 colours. It is strong, healthy and gives pleasure to patients. In Vedic astrology, Emerald has been said to be very beneficial for people associated with creative and artistic fields. Wearing Panna gemstone brings success in music, fashion, painting and all fields.

Benefits of wearing Panna stone

1. According to astrologers, Panna stone is considered to be the gem of Mercury. It is advised to wear this gemstone to pacify the sufferings of the planet Mercury. If the planet Mercury is weak in the horoscope, then this stone gives him strength. Along with this, this stone is also worn to get rid of the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Mercury.

2. Wearing Panna stone gives freedom from diseases. Also, if the planet Mercury is favorable in the horoscope, then there is tremendous success in business and field as well. Apart from this, money is also attained by the effect of this gem.

3. According to astrology, wearing Panna stone proves beneficial for the people of Gemini and Virgo. Emerald is related to the planet Mercury. In such a situation, this gem is considered best for the students as well. Concentration and memory power remain good by wearing it.

4. Wearing Panna stone gives the person the power to fight diseases and it also proves helpful in making the person disease free. It is most beneficial for those involved in legal proceedings. Makes the person worry free and helps in fighting the enemies.

5. Wearing Panna stone gives a person the power to face untruth. If the person spends more, due to which he is not able to accumulate his wealth, then Emerald is also beneficial for him, which reduces expenses and helps in accumulating wealth.

6. Panna makes the business grow and prosper. If the person does not have good relations with his siblings, then this Emerald should be worn, with the help of which your relations will be good. If you are not patient in your work, due to which your work gets spoiled, then you should wear Panna stone.

7. Panna stone belief enhances psychic capacity and a sense of spiritual commitment. If there is no happiness or love in the family of the person, then he should wear Panna stone, it will be beneficial for you. If you have vehicle related problem like want to buy vehicle but not getting it, then you should wear Emerald gemstone to avoid accidents while driving.

Side effects of wearing Panna stone

1. Those people whose Mercury is not sitting in a good position in their horoscope, they should never wear this Panna stone. Such persons face many problems in their personal life, but you should not think that this page will benefit you. When Mercury has a bad effect on you, then wearing this gemstone causes more trouble.

2. A person who always fights, gambles and always supports evil. Make small things big to fight. They should not wear this gem as it can be very harmful for them. Otherwise, you can wear Lucky Stone after seeing your horoscope from our side or from a good astrologer.

3. Do not wear this Panna gemstone to those people who always think badly of others or keep tempting others. Such people should avoid this gem, yes these people can wear Emerald but with the advice of an experienced astrologer.

4. Such people who are intoxicated or such a person who is suffering from any kind of allergies, they want to avoid the bad wrath of this Emerald, then they can ask any astrologer whether Emerald gemstone is harmful or beneficial for you.

5. Such people who always resort to lies in saying anything and always do bad things and talk dirty. And someone who has a habit of saying exaggerated things. Such persons should not forget to wear Panna stone. Because even if they wear it, they will have to suffer its bad effect, not good, so never wear it.

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