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Cats Eye stone Benefits and Side effects

Cats Eye stone benefits and side effects: Gems and astrology are closely related to each other. From the point of view of astrology, a representative gem of each planet has been prescribed. According to astrology, gems have supernatural powers, if the gemstones are worn at the right time and the correct position of the planets is seen, then their positive effect is obtained. It is advisable to wear Cats Eye stone for Ketu. Wearing Cats Eye stone gives benefits in business and work.

Cats Eye stone Benefits and Side effects

Cats Eye gemstone is famous in the world due to its luster, as this gemstone is the brightest of all gemstones. Lashuniya stone not only removes the doshas of Ketu but also has many health and astrological benefits. The specialty of gems is that they can be worn only on the basis of the position of the planets in the horoscope. This gemstone should be worn in a gold or copper ring. Cats Eye stone should be worn in the index finger because the sign of Jupiter is exalted in Sagittarius.

Benefits of Cats Eye stone

1. Such people who do big business and they suffer loss in their business, then this gem will prove to be very beneficial for them. Because by wearing this gemstone, the troubles coming in the business of the person end and the stalled works are also completed successfully.

2. Cats Eye stone is also very beneficial for people going on the path of spirituality, wearing it removes worldly attachment and one has to walk on the path of spirituality and religion. Due to the auspicious effect of Lehsunia Stone, the problems in the life of the person are reduced and one gets freedom from diseases like lethargy, cancer and paralysis.

3. Cats Eye gemstone proves to be good for those people. Those whose wealth matters and the economic condition is bad. With its help, the professional life of the person also progresses.

4. With the effect of Cats Eye stone, physical pains are also removed. This stone is also beneficial in diseases like depression, paralysis and cancer. Cats Eye gemstone provides peace to the mind and due to its effect, memory power increases and the person stays away from stress.

5. The planet Ketu teaches difficult lessons by making life a struggle, Cats Eye stone is the gem of Ketu, which makes a person enjoy the comforts even in this challenging situation.

6. Wearing Cats Eye stone proves beneficial if Ketu is situated in the second, third, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth house in the horoscope. Wearing Cats Eye gemstone is beneficial even if Ketu is with the Sun or is visible from the Sun.

7. Cats Eye stone is considered best for those people who are ready to take any kind of risk. For example, if the person invests in the stock market or invests his money in risky matters, then with the auspicious effect of this gem, the person gets success and the position of risk remains low.

Cats Eye stone side effects

1. This gemstone should never be worn with a diamond, as it can lead to accidents again and again. According to Lal Kitab, if Ketu is in the 3rd and 6th house then Lehsunia Stone should not be worn otherwise there will be loss.

2. If there is no luster in the Cats Eye stone, then it should not be worn because it causes loss of money. Along with Lahunia gemstone, ruby, coral, topaz, pearl are prohibited. Do not wear Lahusia gemstone like this, it can cause harm.

3. The wearer of Cats Eye gemstone may be good in nature but gets entangled in quarrels without any reason. The person feels tired, weak and stressed and the body starts sweating.

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