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Garba Dance | Famous Folk Dance of Gujarat

Garba is a famous folk dance of Gujarat. There are two types of Garbi and Garba. ‘Garbi’ is a dance performed by men standing in a circle, singing group songs, clapping, dancing with simple steps and ‘Garba’ performed by women with delicate gestures. This dance has been popular in Gujarat since ancient times.

Garba Dance

History of Garba dance

Legend has it that Usha, the granddaughter of Krishna, the daughter of Banasura, taught the lass dance she learned from Parvati to the gopis of Saurashtra. In the past, on Navratri, an unbroken lamp was placed near the Goddess in a porous hole. Calling it ‘Deepgarbhaghat’. Some of the characters in the word ‘Deepgarbha’ may have disappeared and the corruption of ‘Garba’ may have become common. This Ghatdeep is considered to be the symbol of ‘Garba’ Shaktimata.

From the beginning of the religious rites, this Garba is placed on the head on the basis of Chumbali (Idhoni) and the women stand in a circle and without touching it, clap and pinch with both hands. Singing hymns to the goddess and dancing differently.

Famous Folk Dance of Gujarat, Garba Dance

Next, the women began to dance around the garba, placing it in the center. Later, dances were performed on lyric compositions based on Krishnali, Rituvarna or social themes. Khanjiri, Manjiri, lamp plates etc. instead of applause. Instruments began to be used in dance. 6,814 rhythms are played in this dance. A woman with a good voice sings a song and then the other women who take part in the dance imitate her.

Garba is a very popular dance form of Gujarat. There are different songs of poverty in all strata of the society. The folk life of Gujarat is expressed by all through this song. Like Gujarat, this dance is popular in some parts of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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