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How did Mirabai die

How did Mirabai die? Many people don’t know this. In this article, we are going to tell about it in simple words. Mirabai, the only daughter of Rathor Ratan Singh of Jodhpur, was absorbed in Krishna devotion since childhood. The image of Krishna was settled from Meerabai’s child, so from her youth till her death, she considered Krishna as her everything. His love for Krishna reached its peak due to a childhood incident.

How did Mirabai die

Who was Mirabai

Mirabai was a Krishna devotee and poetess of the sixteenth century. Meera Bai has composed verses of devotion to Krishna. Sant Ravidas was his guru. It is believed that Meera was a gopi of Vrindavan in her previous life and she was Radha’s friend in those days. He was deeply in love with Lord Krishna. Even after marrying Gopa, his attachment to Shri Krishna did not diminish and he gave up his life in the longing to meet Krishna. Later the same gopi took birth as Meera.

How did Mirabai die

One day in Mirabai’s childhood, a procession came to a wealthy person in her neighborhood. All the women were standing on the terrace watching the procession. Mirabai had also come to the terrace to see the procession. Seeing the procession, Meera asked her mother who is my groom? On this, Mirabai’s mother in derision, pointing to the idol of Lord Krishna, said that this is your bridegroom. This thing sat like a knot in Mirabai’s childhood and she started accepting Krishna as her husband.

Mirabai’s family members wanted to marry her if she was of marriageable age, but Mirabai did not want to marry anyone else because she considered Krishna as her husband. Going against the wishes of Meerabai, she was married to the prince of Mewar, Bhojraj.

After a few years of marriage, Meerabai’s husband Bhojraj died. After the death of her husband, Meera also tried to do sati with Bhojraj, but she was not ready for it. After this Meera went to Vrindavan and then to Dwarka. Going there, Meera worshiped Krishna and became a jogan and started living with the saints.

After the death of her husband Bhojraj, Meera’s devotion increased day by day. Meera used to go to temples and dance for hours in front of the idol of Shri Krishna. Mirabai’s devotion to Krishna was not liked by her husband’s family. Her family also tried to kill Meera by poisoning her several times. But by the grace of Shri Krishna nothing happened to Meerabai.

It is said that due to the devotion of Meerabai throughout her life, she died while worshiping Shri Krishna. According to beliefs, in the year 1547, while worshiping Krishna in Dwarka, she got absorbed in the idol of Shri Krishna.

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