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How Phoolan Devi died

A girl born in Jalaun district of Uttar Pradesh, who became famous all over the country due to a scandal. A dangerous dacoit, whose life was even made into a film. She won the election twice and reached the Parliament. In this article we will know how Phoolan Devi died. On hearing the name of Phoolan Devi, a picture of a girl flashes in his mind, who on 14 February 1981 shot 22 Thakurs standing in line at Behmai in Kanpur to avenge his atrocities. Phoolan Devi had 22 murders, 30 dacoities and 18 kidnapping cases, due to which she had to spend 11 years in jail.

How Phoolan Devi died

Who was Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi was an Indian politician from rebel turned MP. She was born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh in a lower class. In 1994, the state government led by Samajwadi Party’s Mulayam Singh Yadav dropped all charges against him and Phoolan was released. She then stood for election to the Parliament as a candidate of the Samajwadi Party and was twice elected to the Lok Sabha from Mirzapur.

How Phoolan Devi died

Phoolan Devi died on 25 July 2001 due to bullet injuries. That day was Nag Panchami. Phoolan Devi had made kheer pudding and fed everyone on that day. On that day many people had come to meet Phoolan and had also taken prasad. Sher Singh Rana was a young man among those who took the prasad, but he had come to meet Phoolan by the name of Shekhar. He had said that he wanted to join the Eklavya army created by Phoolan. Uma Kashyap was a member of the Uttarakhand unit of Eklavya Sena. Uma was also present that day.

Sometime before July 25, there used to be a lot of quarrel between Phoolan and her husband Umaid Singh. The reason for Phoolan and Umaid Singh’s altercation was the suspicion of Umaid Singh having an affair with other women. In the midst of these controversies, Phoolan Devi was planning to write her will. Phoolan had also given such indications that in this will nothing is being done in the name of Umaid Singh with all kinds of property, house and royalty etc.

Apart from Phoolan, her sister Munni, husband Umaid Singh, Uma Kashyap were present in that bungalow on 25 July 2001. Among those who met was Shekhar alias Sher Singh Rana, who was sitting in the guest room waiting for Phoolan Devi to return to the bungalow.

That day no one noticed that the same boy had come to this bungalow a few months back. Phoolan, who left for Parliament at 11 o’clock, returned to the bungalow at around 1.30 pm, when three people shot and killed Phoolan.

Phoolan was shot by three people, two days after the murder, Sher Singh Rana took responsibility for the murder while holding a press conference in Dehradun. Rana later named another person who opened fire. But who was that third one? This question still persists. Rana had said that he had killed Phoolan to avenge the killing of 22 Thakurs by Phoolan in 1981.

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