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Laptop Buying Guide 2022: How to Buy the Best Laptop

Laptop Buying Guide 2022 | How to Buy the Best Laptop: While buying a laptop, it is necessary to keep some things in mind, we have kept the same things through this article, which you must read. If you are thinking of buying a new laptop but confused which laptop to get? This probably means that you do not have much knowledge about the essential things of the laptop. That is why in this article, we know in detail how to buy the best laptop.

Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

Which features should be given more importance before buying a best laptop? What other things help to improve the performance of the laptop? We have explained all these things in detail below.

1. Laptop Buying Guide – Processor

AMD and itel processors are mainly used in laptops. Professional people prefer to go with Intel processor while AMD is also being preferred by everyone in recent times. Both companies also produce processors of very good quality. In Intel processors, at least Intel i3 processor is considered good. i5, i7, i9 processors above i3 are used in very expensive laptops.

How to Buy the Best Laptop

The average price of i3 processor is between 30 thousand and 40 thousand. In the same AMD processor, Ryzen 3 and above processors are considered good. Note that while choosing the processor, choose the latest generation only. For example, right now i3 processor 11th generation laptop is best between INR 30 to 40 thousand.

2. Laptop Buying Guide – Display

Whatever you see in the laptop, the work of showing it will be done by the display of the laptop. If you watch movies or do gaming, then you also need to see better pictures, only then you will enjoy having a laptop. That is why it is important for the display to be of good quality and better resolution. When choosing a laptop display, give more importance to full HD display (1920 x 1080) instead of HD display (1366 x 768). Full HD display gives you better pictures due to higher pixel density.

What should a laptop display or desktop monitor be like?

  • Choose at least Full HD display (1920 x 1080) display.
  • If you are not short of money, then you can choose the display of Quad HD or Ultra HD resolution. The resolution would have been higher than its full HD display.
  • If you are fond of gaming and watching movies, then give priority to HDR support and high refresh rate display. But these also come very expensive.

3. Laptop Buying Guide – RAM

Currently, DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5 RAM mainly comes in laptops, in which DDR3 is old while DDR4 and DDR5 is new and fast RAM. You do not have to buy a DDR3 laptop even after forgetting it because it does very slow processing. With this, you have to give preference to more RAM and RAM upgradeable laptops. The more RAM, the smoother your laptop will run. If you like to do gaming in a laptop, then definitely keep at least 8GB of RAM in the laptop.

How to Buy the Best Laptop
Laptop Buying Guide

How should I buy the best RAM?

  1. While taking a laptop or desktop, give priority to the latest RAM.
  2. Today DDR4, DDR5 is good RAM, if tomorrow DDR6 comes in the market then you take it.
  3. If you want to choose RAM for gaming, then you should install the latest RAM of more size.
  4. With this, give importance to more frequency RAM for gaming.

4. Laptop Buying Guide – Storage

Laptops have two options for storage, in which SSD (Solid-State Drive) is very fast, while HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage does a little slow processing. If your laptop reads the storage quickly, then your work will also be done quickly. But if you choose HDD storage, then you are left hanging in ‘Loading’.

But the cost of SSD storage is much higher than HDD storage, so the normal laptop user can install both SSD and HDD storage in the laptop. You can use both the storage in laptop by installing software-application on SSD, while storing photos, videos and files in HDD. Programs run fast in SSD, so at least 120GB SSD drive must be installed in the laptop.

Laptop Buying Guide

Which storage is better SSD or HDD?

Give more importance to SSD storage while taking a laptop. At least 120GB to 240GB storage must be kept in the laptop for software or application install.

HDD storage is cheap, how to use it?

Laptop Buying Guide

HDD storage does a little slow processing but it is quite cheap. You can use it for data storage on your laptop or desktop. You can store your photos, videos, files etc. in HDD.

5. Laptop Buying Guide – Graphics card

Mainly for good gaming, it is very important to have a good graphics processing unit in the laptop processor. There are two types of this GPU, in which the GPU attached with the processor and the GPU can be installed separately in the other. If the integrated GPU installed in the processor is not powerful, then you can install it.

Laptop Buying Guide

Most of the Dedicated Graphics Card is used to run high graphics gaming, high resolution video editing, high size software etc. Meaning, for such tasks, you may have to buy the GPU separately and install it in a laptop or desktop.

How many types of GPU are there?

  1. Integrated Graphics Card
  2. Dedicated Graphics Card

How good are the Integrated Graphics Cards present in the laptop?

Integrated Graphics Cards of normal capacity are installed in laptops present between 30 to 40 thousand. Which gives you good gaming and rest experience. If you want to do more high-end work in a laptop of this price, then you can install GPU in it.

Very good GPU units are installed in laptops above 50,000, so there is no need to install it separately. But if you do things like high graphics gaming, high resolution video editing, high size software etc. then you need to install it in laptop along with desktop.

6. Battery

Battery capacity is measured in Watt-Hour (WHr). Therefore, the more capacity the battery wins, the more it is good for the laptop. If the company claims 10 hours of battery backup, then you should hold the battery backup of that laptop for 6-7 hours only. Battery backup of above 4 hours is considered good.

7. Weight and Build Quality

Weight and build quality are also important. Since the laptop is portable, you carry it with you, which means you have to bear the weight of it. The lighter the laptop, the more stylish it looks. Along with this, good build quality of the laptop is also very important. In budget laptops, some laptops come with military grade build quality, along with this, how is the build quality of the laptop, for this, you must read the reviews of the latest laptops before buying.

8. Customer support service

After the failure of the laptop, which company gives you good service in the guarantee period, you also need to see these things. These things are also important in laptop buying guide. Now you must have got the idea how to choose a laptop and how to buy the best laptop. I have tried to keep all the important things in the article. If any things remain, then we will definitely add them further. Hope this information will prove beneficial for you.

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