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How to Know If Your Phone Has Been Hacked

There is no one today who does not use a smartphone. Apart from calling, chatting and gaming, it is now also used for banking, personal and business purposes. The dangers have become even greater with more use. The biggest danger remains of the phone being hacked. Because if the phone gets hacked then you can suffer a lot. That’s why in this article you will know what are the signs of your phone has been hacked and what are the top 5 mobile hacked reasons.

Signs your phone has been hacked

Be aware that cybercriminals can misuse your phone’s data. Apart from this, they can also demand money by blackmailing you. Timely action is necessary to avoid this trouble and it will be possible only when you come to know that your phone has been hacked. Today we are going to tell you some such tricks, by which you can know whether your mobile phone has been hacked or not.

Signs your phone has been hacked

1. Phone battery is draining fast

If the battery of your mobile phone is draining faster than usual, then it may be that your mobile phone has spy apps or spy tools. However, before checking these spy tools, check the apps running in the background of your phone. Too many apps running in the background drain the battery. So first turn them off and then monitor.

2. Messages, calls, photos and videos that are not yours

If there are photos and videos in the photo gallery of the mobile phone that you have never taken. So be careful, as this is a sign that someone may be in control of your camera. If you see some information in your call or message log that you have not sent to anyone. So this could be a sign that hackers are using your phone.

3. See apps you didn’t download

Identify an app on your phone that you haven’t downloaded, and that is still on your phone. Hackers can download such apps on your phone. Delete such app immediately.

4. Excessive mobile data usage

If your mobile data usage has suddenly increased or is being used more than normal. So maybe spy apps or software on your phone are using your mobile data because they track your activities using internet.

5. Weird pop-ups everywhere

If you are noticing that a lot of pop-ups are appearing on your screen, then it could be due to adware. This is a type of software that fills your device with advertisements. Never click on such links.

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