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Kandyan Dance | Famous Dance Form in Sri Lanka

Kandyan dance is a famous dance form in Sri Lanka. This dance form was developed by the ancient rulers of Sri Lanka. Every year ‘Perher’, the procession of the relics of the holy tooth of Lord Buddha, takes place. Famous dancers from Sri Lanka enthusiastically participate in this Perher Yatra.

Kandyan Dance

Kandyan dance The costumes of the dancers are traditional. A white cloth is wrapped around the waist and a white cloth is draped over it and it is left as a garland. They also wear a wide belt with a large medal in the middle. It is made of silver and is decorated with small round discs.

The ornaments on the sides and shoulders are made of silver. There is a bead medal around the neck. The dancers use a silver headdress or crown called ‘Wes’. After a certain ritual, the gurus want to put this veil on the head of the dancer. This is followed by a dance in honor of the Guru.

History of Kandyan dance

The technique of Kandyan dance is very strict and methodical. The original verses of this dance are called ‘Adau’ and ‘Tirman’. He takes bamboo in both hands while making the first gesture of Padanyasa. The words ‘Thai Thai Thai Tam’ are performed by kicking the legs and ‘Thai Kit Thai Tam’ is performed by extending the heel to the side. The knees are bent at this time. The rhythms of the original verses in the Kandyan dance have a lot in common with the rhythms in the Bharatanatyam dance.

Kandyan dancers perform a total of eighteen ‘Vannam’ (Varnamtra means type). These species are named after animals. Each type of accompaniment has descriptive poetry and a set of visual rhythmic lyrics for the dance. ‘Gajag Vannam’ has the lyrics ‘Dom Kit Tak Dom No Don Jin Gatak Gagi Gat Dom Tak’.

This type is best presented in Perher Yatra. He is accompanied by a drum that is played for a long time. Drummers stand still or move in rhythm.

‘Surpati Vannam’ type of rhythm was: ‘Dom Jing Jing Taktadomatak’. ‘Hans Vannamtra’ type of rhythm was: ‘Tam danam den tan tanam den tan tam denatne na’. While performing this type, the dancer performs the specific movements of the animal concerned as well as discovers his art through different types of steps and repulsions.

‘Pantheru’ uses brass drums in the dance. The drums are studded with metal rings. The dancer moves the drum from one hand to the other along with the rhythm and also plays it occasionally. This is a type of group dance.

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