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Side Effects of Rose Water

In this article, we will know what are the side effects of rose water. Just as rose water relaxes the mind and eyes, in the same way rose water is very beneficial for the skin. With its use, many problems related to the skin end, as well as the skin looks glowing and clear. Along with skin, rose water is also beneficial for hair and eyes. If you use rose water regularly on the face then it is natural to get glow on the skin. But, do you know that rose water also has some side effects, which you need to know.

Side Effects of Rose Water

Side Effects of Rose Water

1. Use with caution with sensitive skin

If you are with sensitive skin, you should not use it. Your one mistake can damage your skin. You would not want to be a part of any such trouble.

2. Risk of allergies

Although very few people are allergic to rose water, but it cannot be said that it does not cause allergies. Do not use if you are allergic to water or any other product that may harm your skin.

3. Avoid overuse

If you use rose water excessively, then it can cause itching problem in your body. It is very important to avoid this so that you do not suffer any kind of harm.

4. Take care of quality

If you want to use rose water properly, then you should take care of its quality.

5. Avoid the habit

You can use rose water as a toner. Toning is very important for the skin, after washing the face, take some rose water in cotton and clean the face with it. By doing this, not only will the dirt remaining on the face be cleaned, but the open pores will also be closed. But it should not always be used.

6. Limited use required

If dark circles have come under the eyes due to lack of sleep or any other problem, then it can be reduced with rose water. To remove these dark circles naturally, soak cotton wool in rose water and keep it on your eyes for some time, this will reduce dark circles. Note that limited use is required here.

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