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Tiger Eye Stone Benefits and Side Effects

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits and Side Effects: The penetration of gems into the human body by the rays and waves of various planets gives permanent treatment. This is called gem astrology. Many remedies in astrology based on gemology allow the wearing of gemstones for the remedy, but without the establishment of Siddha and Prana, wearing a gemstone is not particularly successful or miraculously fruitful. ‘Tiger Eye Stone’ is the most effective and versatile and early fruiting stone.

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits and Side Effects

Due to the yellow and black stripes on this stone like a tiger, it is called ‘Tiger Eye Stone’. It also produces traits similar to Tiger in effect. Wearing it gives immediate benefits. These gems are very powerful. By wearing them, the inauspicious planets sitting in the horoscope leave their inauspicious effects and start giving auspicious results. Tiger Eye Stone is the most effective and quick giving gemstone.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Stone

1. Tiger Eye Stone is the most effective and quick giving gemstone. According to astrology, this gem is considered an invisible companion of fearful, indifferent people. Awareness is generated in such persons by wearing Tiger Stone. Wearing it increases courage and reduces mental stress.

2. The person who is not getting married, even if the engagement is not happening, then that person should wear Tiger Eye Stone Rishi Panchami in the index finger. The marriage will happen soon with a suitable girl.

3. Tiger stone also gives auspicious results for those people whose luck is sleeping. Sleeping luck means that the person is not able to take full advantage of his efforts.

4. The person who is afraid of his wife or is afraid of discord and whose wife speaks more, because of which his reputation is less in the society, then wear Tiger Stone on the full moon day of the index finger.

5. If you are constantly in debt, then on Friday for debt relief, wear a white thread in the form of a locket around the neck for debt relief.

6. If you get hurt in a vehicle accident again and again, then on Tuesday after Prana Pratishtha, wear Tiger Stone in the index finger, surely you get benefit. Along with this, a person suffering from enemies should wear Tiger Stone on Tuesday. Children and persons who are often seen in the house, they have mental stress, then they should wear Tiger gemstone around their neck.

7. The girl who is not getting married, misses the engagement or is not getting engaged, then that girl should wear this Tiger Stone in the morning. This removes the increase coming in his marriage and there is definite benefit.

8. Wearing Tiger Stone in the index or ring finger on the Ashtami of Shukla Paksha, wishing for honor, prestige, fame and fame and fame at the workplace and from other places.

9. Those whose business is running in losses, government troubles are increasing, if there is a loss at present, then Tiger Stone should be worn in the ring finger of Sun in Shukla Paksha on Wednesday.

10. Those who are facing loss in service or problems in the workplace, then wearing Tiger gemstone on Sunday will be beneficial.

Tiger Eye Stone side effects

1. Like Sapphire Tiger Eye Stone also shows effect very quickly. This gemstone also gives career advancement, but this gemstone should not be worn with ruby, coral and pearl. by doing this it will not

2. The person who fails repeatedly in business due to lack of confidence, he can get success under the influence of this gem. This gemstone bestows confidence and courage. But keep in mind that this gem should not be broken, otherwise opposite results can be found.

3. Tiger stone should be worn by a person who is repeatedly failing in tasks or is leading an unhappy life due to lack of self-confidence. Wearing it gives complete success in every field and the person becomes courageous. But it is necessary to have a sense of respect towards this gem, otherwise it can also do harm.

4. People who are facing trouble in their job can wear Tiger Eye Stone. But if he wants a promotion in the job, then he should do it especially in the morning, otherwise he does not get the benefit.

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