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Top 3 mistakes that happen while changing SIM card

Sometimes you need to replace the SIM card present in the smartphone. This is a normal process, but if you do not do this process properly then you can suffer big losses. Actually the tray of the SIM card is very delicate and its mechanism is also very sensitive. If it is installed incorrectly then your phone may be damaged. So that’s why in this article, we know what are the mistakes that happen while changing the SIM card.

Mistakes when changing SIM card

Mistakes when changing SIM card

1. Remove the SIM card with light hands

You should always replace the SIM card by gently removing it, if you do this then there will be no damage to the SIM train, otherwise the SIM tray as well as the reading mechanism may get damaged. These methods can keep your smartphone safe and you will not get hurt.

2. Cleaning of SIM card tray is necessary

If you are inserting the SIM card and the SIM tray has become dirty, you should first clean it and then replace the SIM card. Actually, if there is dirt left in the SIM tray, then because of this the smartphone is unable to read the SIM card or else there may be some problem in it. In this case, clean the SIM tray.

3. Keep away from water

You should not use any water or liquid to clean this SIM tray. Actually, doing this can damage the smartphone and you can lose thousands of rupees.

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