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What are Consumer Goods

In this article we will know what are consumer goods. A consumer or consumer is a person who either consumes or uses various goods and services. These items include wheat, flour, salt, sugar, fruits, etc. and permanent goods like television, refrigerator, toaster, mixer, cycle etc. On the other hand, the services we buy include electricity, telephone, transportation services, theaters etc.

What are Consumer Goods

What are Consumer Goods

The goods which directly satisfy the needs of the consumer are called consumer goods. For example, producer goods like bread, fruits, milk, clothes etc. are those goods which indirectly satisfy the needs of the consumer.

Consumer goods, also known as final goods, are tangible goods that are ready for consumption or purchase by individuals or families for final consumption to satisfy their desires. These goods are further sub-divided into durable goods, non-qualified goods and services.

Consumer goods include products of our everyday needs, such as – food products, such as – vegetables, eggs, cooking oil, cereals, etc. and electronic items in household appliances, furniture and cleaning products etc.

Consumer goods are defined as goods used by the end user for consumption. These items are mainly purchased for the purpose of personal consumption. There is a high demand for these items as they have a huge customer base.

Today the consumer has to face many problems like competition in the market, misleading advertisements, substandard goods and services and many more. Therefore, protecting the interest of the consumer has become a matter of serious concern for the government and public institutions. In order to protect the interests of the consumers, the government has recognized certain rights of the consumers.

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