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What are the causes and consequences of Dowry system

Dowry means the property which is given by the bride’s family to the groom at the time of marriage. The dowry system has a long history in Europe, India, Africa and other parts of the world. In India it is also known as dowry, hunda or var-dakshina and is given by the bride’s family in the form of cash or items to the bride’s family along with the bride. In this article, we will know what are the causes and consequences of dowry system.

What Are The Causes And Consequences Of Dowry System

What is the causes for Dowry system

1. Matter of prestige – People consider dowry as a matter of their prestige, some people consider it to be more dowry, their prestige will increase. To increase their prestige, people started taking and giving dowry as a means of increasing their status or increasing their prestige.

2. Exploitation of women in joint families – By the time of Smriti, the condition of women had become very pathetic. In joint families, newly married girls were harassed. In such a situation, the girl side starts giving more money to the side, so that her daughter can get more respect in the family.

3. Expensive Education System – Parents have to spend a lot of money for expensive higher education, medical and technical education, technology and administrative education. Selfish parents started collecting this compensation along with interest during marriage.

4. Marriage Compulsory – Marriage is a compulsory sacrament. Due to this, the father of physically weak, beautiful and handicapped girls has to look for a groom by fixing a hefty amount. Later the price was fixed by the groom, due to which the dowry system flourished.

5. Sagotra Marriage – The rule of marrying within one’s own caste has also given rise to the dowry system, due to which the scope of marriage has been very limited. Due to the limited number of bride and groom, the value of bride kept increasing.

Consequences of Dowry system

1. Gender Discrimination – Due to the dowry system it has been observed many times that women are seen as a liability and they are often forced to live in subjugation and they are given second class facilities in respect of education or other facilities are given.

2. Poverty – Send your daughters to work to help with dowry so that they can earn some money. Middle and upper class families send their daughters to school regularly but do not insist on career options.

3. Affected career of women – Poor presence of women in the workforce and consequent lack of financial independence is a major factor for the dowry system.

4. Women’s Purpose – The contemporary dowry is an investment by the bride’s family for powerful relationships and money-making opportunities. It presents women only as articles of commerce.

5. Crimes against women – In some cases the dowry system gives rise to crimes against women, ranging from emotional abuse and injury to death.

6. Many unmarried women – In the country innumerable girls, despite being educated and professionally capable, remain unmarried as their parents are not able to meet the pre-marital dowry demands.

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