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What is a cabinet minister in India

In this article, we will know what is a cabinet minister in India. The minister has an important place in the modern government. The Union Cabinet exercises executive authority in the Republic of India. It consists of senior ministers, headed by the Prime Minister. In ancient India, a person appointed to advise the king on various subjects was called a minister or secretary.

What is a cabinet minister in India

What is a cabinet minister in India

In India, the cabinet ministers are a group of high level leaders of the government. Generally, it is a body of politicians elected from members of a party or group of parties that have a majority in the Parliament of the Lok Sabha or the Legislative Assembly of a state. It is not elected by the House, rather they are nominated by the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister. Public opinion exercises control over the government through the Lok Sabha (or Legislative Assembly) and the Lok Sabha (or Legislative Assembly) controls the government through its majority.

A cabinet is a small community of relatively important ministers who determine and decide policy on all important matters regarding the governance of a country (or a region). Its size increases and decreases according to the workload of different departments of the government and varies from country to country. Cabinet members are expected to work jointly everywhere. Therefore, mutual differences are resolved secretly in cabinet meetings. All members are expected to approve all decisions of the cabinet, if necessary, by speech and voting.

According to Article 74 of the Constitution of India, the Prime Minister appoints ministers for himself. Cabinet responsibility is considered collective, if a minister acts independently, disregarding the opinion of his colleagues, he is removed and forced to resign.

A symbol of the unity of the Council of Ministers and the main thread in contact with the statutory head, the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister has the right to demand resignation from any colleague and to uphold the unity of the cabinet.

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