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What is a Protem Speaker | Functions of Protem Speaker

In this article, we will know what is a protem speaker. Generally, the job of the ‘Protem Speaker’ is to administer the oath to the new members and conduct the election of the Speaker of the Assembly. Usually, the senior most MLA, that is, the one who wins the election the most number of times, is made the Pro-tem Speaker.

What is a Protem Speaker

What is a Protem Speaker

Protem is a short form of Latin word ‘Pro Tempore’. It literally means ‘for some time’. The Pro-tem Speaker works for some time in the Rajya Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha. Pro tem speaker is a person who serves for some time in the office of Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha.

By traditional practice, the senior-most MLA is elected as the pro tem speaker. However, once a new Speaker is elected, the Pro tem Speaker ceases to function in the same capacity. The governor appoints the pro tem speaker. It is usually appointed till a permanent chairman is elected. The pro tem speaker administers the oath to the newly elected MLAs. The entire program of swearing-in takes place under the supervision of the pro tem speaker.

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha or the Legislative Assembly vacates his office immediately before the first sitting of the newly elected House. Therefore the President or the Governor appoints the Pro-tem Speaker to preside over the sitting of the House.

Functions of Protem Speaker

  1. To administer oath to new members.
  2. To elect the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.
  3. Floor test work.
  4. Continuing the activities of the House till a permanent Speaker is elected.
  5. To ensure the smooth conduct of the proceedings of the House.

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