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What is Abhyanga Snana | Meaning and Importance

Abhyanga Snana or Abhyanjana means rubbing or applying oil, ghee, milk, curd, honey or any other substance on the body. Abhyanjan is also religious and other types.There is a belief among primitive and religious people that a liquid like oil has a kind of magical or sacred power smell, or that such power can be created by mantra.

What is Abhyanga Snana

Importance of Abhyanga Snana

Abhyanga Snana is performed in rituals such as magic, initiation, special religious ceremonies, coronation, religious ceremonies, etc. In Hindu rituals like Upanayan, marriage and coronation, dwarfs, brides and kings are worshiped.

The idol is to be consecrated in the prestige ceremony of the idol. Abhyanjan-samskaras were very important in Christianity before the Reformation movement. This rite was passed down from Zion to Christianity. The Jews themselves, however, adopted the rite by imitating the customs of the earlier society.

While initiating, the Christian teacher congratulates the disciple. Convincing the concerned Dharmacharya at the time of his first establishment as Dharmacharya. Abhyanjan is prescribed in medicine for health, to increase strength or to cure diseases.

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