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What is Agnihotra | Meaning and Importance

Agnihotra is a vessel in which fire is lit and religious rituals are performed. It is considered routine and workable. It has two parties namely Ajastrapaksa and Citayapaksa. In Ajastrapaksha three fires Garhapatya, Ahavaniya and Dakshinagni are to be kept regularly. It is believed that domesticity should always be maintained in the citation party.

What is Agnihotra

At the time of homa it is to be ‘quoted’ into two other kundas (small ponds). Citation means to move from one trough to another trough. Sacrifices are to be offered to Agni and Prajapati in the evening and to Surya and Prajapati in the morning. Agnihotra is said to be Kalivarjya after the passage of Veda and Chaturvarnya.

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