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What is Avadhut | Definition and History

Avadhut, also spelled Avadhoot, a term for a class of sadhus. ‘Avadhuta’ means He washes away all the disorders of nature. Avadhut or the words ‘Audut’, ‘Avdut’, ‘Avadhoot’, ‘Abdhoot’ are such aapabhramsa. They have two sects namely Shaiva and Vaishnava. The Shaiva Avadhuts are very dispassionate.

What is Avadhut

History of the term Avadhut

Like ‘Kanphate’ they consider ‘Gorakhnatha’ as their guru and founder of the sect. Some consider Dattatreya as their deity. Devotees of Nath and Datta sects believe that ‘Avadhuta Gita‘ was preached by Dattatreya to Gorakhnath. Dattatreya and Gorakhnath are given the title of ‘Avadhuta’.

Ramananda established a new Vaishnava sect of the followers of Ramanuja and coined the term ‘Avadhuta’ for them. There are also some women of Avadhuta attitude. She lives in male form. They are called ‘Avadhuti‘.

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