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What is Casting Couch in Film Industry

The talk of casting couch is not new in the film industry. Many actors and actresses have revealed that they have been victims of casting couch at some point in their careers. If you don’t know what is casting couch in film industry? So we are going to answer all of its questions.

What is Casting Couch in Film Industry

What is Casting Couch in Film Industry

Casting couch, in the film industry, is an immoral and illegal practice in which someone is demanded to have physical relations with him in return for getting work. In cinematography, the old people make such demands from the newly arrived juniors. Although the concept of casting couch came to the public due to the stories related to it in the film world, but it is present in any field.

It will be easier to understand when we go into the literal meaning of casting couch. Couch means sofa. It points to the sofas in the director’s and producer’s offices, where interviews with aspiring actors and actresses take place. Casting means to make or cast someone a part of a film.

Casting Couch in Bollywood

Bigg Boss fame Payal Rohatgi made a similar allegation against director Dibakar Banerjee. The actress had alleged that Dibakar had asked her to take off her top during the casting of the film ‘Shanghai’. Not only this, the actress had said that she had also tried to do wrong things with him. The actress also alleged that when she refused to do all this, she was shown the way out of the film.

Israeli model Reena Golan in her autobiography has made serious allegations like casting couch on Bollywood’s ‘show man’ Subhash Ghai. These allegations were leveled against Ghai sahib through Reena’s book. Reena has written in her book, when she came to India to work in the film world, Subhash forced her to take the casting couch.

Veteran actress Mamta Kulkarni also faced casting couch. Mamta had accused director Rajkumar Santoshi. He had said that Santoshi had asked him to have a physical relationship to cast him in his film ‘China Gate’ and when he refused, he was fired from the film.

Actress Swara Bhaskar, who has worked in films like ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and ‘Raanjhanaa’, also spoke on this. She had said in an interview that she too had to face casting couch. Swara said, ‘Many times I was directly asked, ‘What else can you do?’ My answer was ‘I can’t have a physical relationship’, that’s when the meeting would end at that time.

Casting Couch with Men

Casting couch isn’t just limited to women, it’s happening to men who promise to get the job done. However, this issue is still hidden. Famous actress Priyanka Chopra also admitted during a reality show about this that men are also victims of casting couch. Apart from this, Hyderabad-based model Krishna Monala had given a statement about the casting couch that some directors had asked her to sleep with them.

Casting Couch in Private Sectors

If we talk about the private sector, then the graph of exploitation of women in the name of good salary is also not less. About 88% of female employees in Indian information technology, business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing companies face some form of sexual harassment while on the job.

According to a survey by the Center for Transforming India, nearly 50% of women are asked to use hate speech, physical contact or have sex. Due to the challenges, many girls deal with their sex in exchange for work, but even after this they are not sure whether their job will be secure or not.

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