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What is Family Violence

The main reason for family violence against women is the stupid mentality that women are physically and emotionally weaker than men. Domestic violence against children in rural areas can result in child labour, physical abuse or harassment for not following family traditions, forcing them to stay at home and not letting them go to school. In this article we will know what is family violence and what are its effects.

What is Family Violence

What is Family Violence

Family violence is an act that threatens health, safety, life of woman and child, economic loss due to which women and child have to face suffering and humiliation, all these are included in the scope of domestic violence.

Family violence is a term used to describe assault or abuse at a domestic level by one partner after a relationship such as cohabitation or marriage with another partner. Abuse with an intimate partner or spouse also falls under the category of domestic violence.

Family violence can also occur in transgender or homosexual relationships. Domestic violence can take many forms, including physical, emotional, verbal, economic and sexual abuse, ranging from sodomy to forced sex after marriage and violent physical abuse, and can result in mental or physical disability or even death. Is.

Globally, the wife or female partner is generally at higher risk of domestic violence. However, the victim may be a victim of domestic violence against the male partner or both against each other or may also be a victim of domestic violence out of guilty self-defense or retaliation.

While women victims of domestic violence in the developed world are encouraged to openly report them to the authorities, it is argued that family violence against men is under-reported because it makes them socially cowardly and social. Makes you mad.

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