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What is Feature Writing

In this article, we will know what is feature writing. In this phase of feature structuring, the main topic explained is reviewed. In this part, the feature writer ends the feature by presenting his topic in a concise way, removing all the curiosity of the readers. At the same time, he can also leave some questions unanswered for the readers and put forward some new ideas of the readers so that the reader can be forced to reflect on them.

What is Feature Writing

What is Feature Writing

Feature writing is the imagination based on individual experiences related to a particular event, person, animal, Teej-festival, day, place, nature-environment to be published in newspapers. Feature writing is a unique article presented in an entertaining and engaging style with creative skills.

Feature writing refers to how interesting, informative and stimulating writing is. Therefore, the content of the feature should be current, relevant and contemporary. That is, the topic of the feature should be such that it is of public interest, touches the people, arouses curiosity among the readers and gives some new information.

The general meaning of a feature is a published article on a topic related to a topic. But this article is not a review article like the critical articles published on the editorial page.

After deciding on the theme of the feature, the second important step is the compilation of thematic material. Specialties written on a topic can be boring in the absence of proper knowledge and experience. Apart from collecting material from available books, magazines related to the subject, the feature writer may have to collect a lot of material by meeting people, visiting many places.

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