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What is PUC certificate and how to make it online and offline

After the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act 2019, those who break the traffic rules have to pay heavy fines. In such a situation, apart from Registration Certificate (RC), Vehicle Insurance, Driving License, people need another important document which is called Pollution Certificate. It is also called PUC. The full form of PUC is ‘Pollution Under Control’. In this article, we will know in detail what is PUC Certificate and how to make Offline and Online PUC Certificate.

What is PUC certificate and how to make it online and offline

What is PUC Certificate

Smoke from vehicles is harmful to the environment. Keeping in mind the environment, standards have been set for such pollution. Accordingly, the certificate issued after vehicle inspection confirming that your vehicle’s smoke is causing pollution is called Pollution Certificate (PUC). It is mandatory for all types of engine or motor vehicles in India.

The PUC certificate of any vehicle is given only after the vehicle is checked. Failure to obtain a pollution certificate may result in a fine of up to Rs 10,000. The amount of the fine varies from state to state.

If you buy a vehicle, a Pollution Certificate (PUC) is provided with it, which has a validity of one year. After that, after checking the vehicle, pollution certificate has to be made. Usually the validity of PUC certificate is 6 months i.e. you have to get the pollution certificate made after checking the vehicle every 6 months.

If your vehicle runs on petrol then you will have to spend Rs 35 for the certificate. 50 for diesel vehicles. The price may be different in other states. Remember that even if your vehicle is not polluting, you can still be challaned if you do not have the certificate or it has expired. That’s why it is necessary to get this certificate.

How to make PUC Certificate offline

To generate PUC certificate offline, one has to visit the vehicle verification center which is present in your city. After going there, the executive of the Vehicle Checking Center checks the pollution of your vehicle to see how much pollution your vehicle is removing. Accordingly, the PUC certificate is made.

If the amount of pollution in the vehicle is more than the prescribed standard at the time of checking, then the pollution test center will have to give the registration number to the concerned officer within a day, after that the vehicle can be re-examined, and action can also be taken.

How to make Online PUC Certificate

Online PUC certificate cannot be made, because the PUC certificate of any vehicle is given only after the vehicle is checked at the Pollution Test Center. When conducting pollution tests, a gas analyzer is installed in the vehicle’s silencer, which is connected to the computer.

The Gas Analyzer examines the pollution data emanating from the vehicle and sends it to the computer. Along with this, the camera also takes a photo of the number plate of the vehicle. After which the computer issues a certificate with the pollution data. However, if your pollution certificate has been generated and lost somewhere, you can download it online.

If your PUC is generated, lost or lost somewhere, you can download it again. To download PUC online, first of all visit the official website

By visiting the website, you enter your vehicle registration number and chassis number. The registration and chassis number is given on the Registration Certificate (RC) of your vehicle. Then click on ‘PUC Details’. After this your online PUC certificate will be downloaded.

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