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What is Rave Party in India

Rave parties are usually organized and promoted by event companies. During the 1990s the DJ technology became more widely used in England; Due to this, large number of parties started being organized day and night. Along with England, this experiment also spread to other countries, including India. Rave parties are being organized in large numbers in India for the last 10-12 years. In this article, what is a rave party in India? Know how it is organized and why there is always a situation of ruckus in it.

What is Rave Party in India

What is Rave Party

Rave party describes a dance party on private property, usually by a DJ playing electronic dance music. Rave parties are organized secretly. This includes drugs, alcohol, music, dancing, and sometimes immoral relationships. Rave parties are held only for a select few belonging to the party circuit.

New people are not allowed to come to these parties so that information does not spread. Rave parties are safe places for drug addicts and sellers. However, there have been allegations many times that drugs are taken in large quantities in rave parties.

Loud electric trance music is played during the party so that drug users stay in the same mood for a long time. People take drugs and dance to this music. Rave parties last from 24 hours to three days. There is a special type of music system in rave party, which allows electric trance music to be played at a high volume.

How to organize a rave party in India

Rave parties in India are conducted in a very secretive manner. Therefore, many methods are adopted to avoid the eyes of the investigating agencies. Social media and code language are used to invite rave parties. Party organizers use some secret codes for this. No one can attend these parties whenever they want. Sometimes party information is given by speaking through each other.

The use of social media to give information about the rave party has increased significantly in the last few years. A small group of people who are part of these parties are formed who give information about the party to others. Since a large amount of drugs are used in rave parties, they are carried out in forests or areas that are out of reach of the police.

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