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What is Reading Campaign in India

For the reasoning power, imagination and better logical development of the students in India, one or the other campaign is going on by the Government of India. Similarly, the Government of India has started ‘Reading Campaign’ under ‘Padhe Bharat Abhiyan’. If you do not know what is the Reading Campaign in India, then read this article carefully.

What is Reading Campaign in India

What is Reading Campaign

Reading Campaign in India This is a campaign with special emphasis on improving reading, writing, English reading, writing and maths proficiency for school students in all subjects as well. The institution heads of the schools oversee the action plan prepared by the teachers and submit the Form ‘A’ filled by the teachers and the Form ‘B’ filled by themselves to the nodal every month. If there is no improvement in the report, action is also indicated against the concerned teacher and headmaster.

The Government of India runs a campaign like ‘Padhe Bharat’ for the children of the country. In this, special work is done to develop the ability of writing, speaking and reading in the students in the ‘Padhe Bharat Abhiyan’ lasting 100 days. A special campaign is prepared on this hundred days. In this, each group of students is given a new target every week.

Under the campaign, emphasis is being laid on making studies interesting for children so that interest in books can be inculcated in the students throughout their life. For such campaigns, a weekly calendar is also prepared by the Ministry, in which all the guidelines and protocols of the program are clarified.

Students can do these activities together with their teachers, parents or peers. To make this campaign successful, its design is not only simple but it is also prepared in an interesting way. So that students do not get bored with studies but can also enjoy reading books.

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