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What is School Readiness Program in India

The Department of Basic Education in India’s schools has started the ‘School Readiness Program’ to bring the children of pre-primary closer to school, teachers and classmates. Let us know in detail what is the School Readiness Program in India and what special children will get to learn in the School Readiness Program.

What is School Readiness Program in India

What is School Readiness Program

The School Readiness Program is a 12-week comprehensive plan by the Department of Basic under the National Policy on Education in India. The participation of parents is ensured in this. From the point of view of child psychology, 80 percent of the brain is developed by the age of six. Keeping this in mind it is very important to develop the learning base in and in the pre-primary classes.

Under the new education policy, this program has been started based on the provisions of pre-primary education in schools. Under the scheme, training of teachers at the district level will be done in a phased manner and their capacity will be increased.

The Uttar Pradesh Education Department says that due to the corona epidemic, children are away from schools. This has given children the habit of studying in the classroom, socializing with new classmates and getting used to the environment outside the home. In such a situation, ‘School Readiness Program’ will be started for children.

Under this, children from class one to three will be given a home-like environment in the school. Along with this, emphasis will be given on the mental and emotional development of children from class I to VIII. Under this, the action plan of teachers has been given on Mission Prerna Portal. During the school readiness programme, emphasis will also be placed on the status of subject knowledge, ability to recognize words and letters, introduction to teachers, ability to read and write.

Under this three-month-long School Readiness Program, the little ones will also be given information about behavior and attention. For this, art books will be given to the children. Along with this, book reading and inner talent will be specially discussed in the presence of parents.

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