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What is the Hindu population in Israel in 2022

In this article, we will know in detail that what is the Hindu population in Israel. Israel is an independent Jewish state in Southwest Asia, which was formed on 14 May 1948 after the end of British rule from Palestine. Israel is considered the most advanced country in Southwest Asia and the Middle East in economic and industrial development. Israel’s state-of-the-art university and quality education is responsible for fueling the country’s high technology boom and rapid economic growth. Israel’s population is 92.2 million in 2022.

What is the Hindu population in Israel

What is the Hindu population in Israel

Currently, the Hindu population in Israel is around 5,000, mostly non-resident Indians. However, there are about 85,000 Jews of Indian origin in Israel. The Hindu population in Israel is mostly from Maharashtra and relatively less numbers from Kerala and Kolkata. There are about 12,500 Indian nationals in Israel, of whom about 11,500 work in care. Others include diamond traders, some IT professionals and students.

In recent years, some Indian Jews from Mizoram and Manipur have immigrated to Israel. While the older generation still maintains a deep connection with India, the younger generation has become increasingly assimilated into Israeli society. Mr. Eliyahu Bezel, a resident of Chennamangalam, Cochin, has distinguished himself as an eminent agriculturist and in 2005 became the first Israeli of Indian origin to receive the Indian Overseas Award.

If you go here, you will realize that the people of Israel are extremely helpful and kind towards foreigners. People on the streets politely help when you ask for directions or help. Not everyone here speaks English, and very few instructions and signs are in English, so knowing basic Hebrew will always help you on the streets.

There are very few Indians in Israel, so it is rare to get a chance to meet someone. Most Indians have many misconceptions about Israel. Israel is one of the most modern countries in the world with a standard of living higher than the US. It is peaceful, contrary to what we hear in the news, and is also one of the safest countries.

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