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What is Tomboy

Have you ever heard of the term “Tomboy“? If you have heard then you must have seen this word being used to refer to any girl or woman. The word may contain boy, but this word is specially used for a girl. If you also do not know what is the meaning of Tomboy, then we will try to tell it to you in simple words.

What is the meaning of Tomboy

What is the meaning of Tomboy

Tomboy means a girl who behaves like a boy. Tomboy is a girl who acts and dresses like a boy, liking noisy, physical activities. The word tomboy refers to a girl who dresses like a boy and has similar habits as a boy.

A girl like Tomboy behaves like a boy since childhood, in which she likes boys’ clothes, hair-style, toys etc. Normal people are hesitant to talk or deal with girls of tomboy tendencies when they are a little adult.

A tomboy is a woman who has traits or behaviors that are considered by society to be male-like roles, such as wearing masculine clothing or playing games that are considered male sports. However, today it has become a common term and in some way ‘tomboy’ refers to girls no longer in a sense of humor but strongly. In which girls have the power to do everything at par with boys and in any case she is not behind.

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