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Which is the highest paying job in India in 2022

Do you know which is the highest paying job in India? If not, then in this article we are going to tell about the top 5 highest paying jobs in India in 2022. It is the dream of every parent that their son or daughter grows up to do a good job. So that they do not have to face financial crisis in future, but there are very few people whose dream is fulfilled because every year crores of youth complete their graduation. In such a situation, it is not possible for everyone to get a job.

Which is the highest paying job in India

Unemployment in India has increased to such an extent that youth are applying for doctoral engineering degrees for posts like peons. There are very few youths who are selected for government jobs, those who do not get government jobs, they go to the private sector. It is the dream of every person to do such work whose salary is in lakhs of crores. So in this post we are going to tell you about top 5 highest paying jobs in India.

Which is the highest paying job in India

1. Business Analyst

You may find it a bit strange to hear but the salary of Business Analyst is highest in India. Every company has Business Analytics which analyzes the business of the company to grow the business. Let us tell you that in order to become a good business analyst, it is necessary to be an expert in the subject of mathematics. Along with this the ability to calculate fast should also be there. The starting salary in this job is 6 lakh to 8 lakh annually. Whereas in the middle of the career it can be 15 lakhs, when you become expert in this work then your salary can be more than 25 lakhs.

2. Investment Bankers

Under this job the person has to do all the work related to money like raising capital, giving financial advice to top management, investing capital etc. Along with this, one needs to be able to set accurate data and give good presentation in order to become a successful banker. Talking about their salary, they get 12 lakhs annually at the entry level, 30 lakhs in the middle of their career and 50 lakhs if they are experienced.

3. Management Professionals

People looking for a career in professional management are needed in every company. The people associated with this job are the backbone of any organization. Although there is a struggle in this job in the beginning but when you become experienced it becomes easy for you. Also your salary keeps on increasing. In this job, 3 lakhs is available at the entry level, 25 lakhs in the middle of the career and 80 lakhs for being an expert.

4. Chartered Accountant

This is one of the most popular jobs in India, every company needs a Chartered Accountant. Because the company needs tax management, financial accounting and banking and consulting. Which no one can do better than a Chartered Accountant. Must be a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Chartered Accountants get 5 lakh 50 thousand annually in entry level, 12 lakh 80 thousand in mid career and 25 lakh 70 thousand if experienced.

5. IT & Software Engineers

Time to come is only for software engineers, so if you are preparing for this field, you have to stay updated with the times so that you can face new challenges well. Many software engineers complain that their salary doesn’t increase fast enough, but if you become an expert in this field, you get to see many job opportunities. Their initial annual salary is 1.5 lakh to 2.5 lakh, in the middle of career it is 3 to 6 lakh, while leading a project it becomes 12 to 19 lakh.

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