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Which is the Largest Tribe of India in 2022

Do you know which is the largest tribe of India in 2022? If not, then you are going to know it in detail in this article. India is a country of diversity and many cultural groups. Where you will find many lifestyles, languages ​​and different castes. Despite having so much diversity, there is unity in India and this gives India recognition across the world. India is counted among the largest countries in the world and India is home to the largest number of tribes in the world. These tribes have been kept in the category of Scheduled Tribes in the Constitution of India.

Which is the largest tribe of India

In general it is seen that tribal tribes are not much associated with modernity. She lives her life in a traditional way. This is the reason that there is not much development in the tribes, but the Government of India is making continuous efforts for their development. And in almost all government areas, special exemptions are given to tribal people. According to the 2011 census, the tribal population in India is 10.45 million. Since it has been 10 years since the last census, in the present time you will see even more increase in their population.

Which is the largest tribe of India

Bhil is the largest tribe of India in terms of population. According to the census conducted in the year 2011, the population of the people of Bhil tribe in India is 1 crore 69 lakhs. In which 86 lakh men and 84 lakh women were included. At present, their population must have increased even more. The Bhil tribe mainly resides in North, Central and South India.

After this the second name is of Gond which is the largest tribe of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh has the largest population of tribes in which the first name is Gond and second is Bhil. If we count all the states of India, there are 705 tribes living in India. Which is the highest in any one country, the names of the major tribes of India are given below.

Names of major tribes of India

1. Bhil
2. Auraon
3. Garo
4. Koya
5. Miri
6. Halba
7. Dhruya
8. Tripuri
9. Gond
10. Kol
11. Warli
12. Kokna
13. Kavar
14. Bhumij
15. Lushai
16. Naikda
17. Santhal
18. Sugali
19. Gujjar
20 Munda
21. Khond
22. Koli Mahadev
23. Sahariya
24. Khasi

More than half of the population of these tribes lives in central India. These include Madhya Pradesh (14.69%), Maharashtra (10.08%), Orissa (9.2%), Rajasthan (8.86%), Gujarat (8.55%), Jharkhand (8.29%), Chhattisgarh (7.5%), and Andhra Pradesh (5.7%). ) are included.) are included. Out of this 89.97% live in rural area and 10.03% in urban area.

The tribal people have their own natural clothing, language and living habits. All the tribes have their own different religion and they mostly worship nature in their religion. But during the British rule many people were forcibly converted to the English religion. Whereas in independent India most of the population follows Hinduism.

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